We position our products as “not just a CRM”, or as an extension of your existing CRM capabilities to facilitate connection with an audience.

If you look at enterprise marketing cloud offerings they enable corporate marketing teams to connect with audiences and then push their leads in to the CRM for trackability. They then have the collective data outcomes to understand what is working in the sale funnel, making for a nice pairing of CRM and digital marketing tools. It’s a remarkable story, and a very successful software strategy.

These marketing cloud offerings are evolving into a market space called “Digital Marketing Hubs”.

What many companies are beginning to recognize is that purchasing a CRM does not mean you are getting digital marketing hub capabilities. Imprezzio was way ahead of its time in blending CRM with a marketing hub – the core value proposition continues to be “We empower agencies with marketing capabilities to promote and grow their business.” When you consider that some agencies perform dramatically better than others, you have to realize that good agencies are good marketers. Not supporting such capabilities is hobbling their independent ability to market to their local audience – and as the evolution of communications becomes ever more digital – the situation becomes increasingly challenging.

It isn’t always clear that licensing a $100 or more CRM monthly user license does not include the necessary marketing tools. It provides a way to journal customer interaction, but it does not offer a way to better connect with a target audience. If you wanted to empower every user with an additional license that could be hundreds of additional dollars per month for industrial strength tools – designed for digital marketing experts – not agents.

Agents Ally is not designed as a traditional horizontal CRM with add-on marketing apps. It is, by its nature, designed to support distributed agency networks. This is our niche – we provide a solution that accessible to agents both in terms of cost and simplicity – and when we create an army of digital marketers for our carriers, the numbers are staggering.

By Sam Fleming

Sam Fleming is VP of Product Marketing with Imprezzio. A true visionary and leader, Sam’s enthusiasm and passion for discovering new applications of technology fuels a creativity that translates to incredible business solutions.