Automate your processes

An agent’s affiliation with a large insurance company does not guarantee success. I have seen agents with major brands struggle to grow beyond a single employee, even while others with the very same carrier grow their business by leaps and bounds. Why is this?

Often, the difference comes down to marketing. An agency using all the marketing and sales tracking resources at its fingertips—“empowered” marketing—will fare better than one that does not. Agents with major carriers have many marketing options from which to choose: direct mail, email, phone calls, social media, and more. For maximum growth, the agent must employ not just one of these valuable tools to attract and gain customers, but all of them.

Not only do successful agents approach prospects in myriad ways, but they also make it easy for them to become clients by providing an nearly effortless, “omni-channel” customer experience, seamless across all networks and venues. Make no mistake: the smoother the journey for the prospect/customer, the more effort the agency has invested in time, personnel, or even automation technologies.

So—how does an up-and-comer emulate the marketing techniques of more elite, experienced agents?

Learn the ropes

Asking for advice might be a good first step. How do bigger agencies market their businesses? Which forms of marketing and which messages work best with various audiences? What sorts of follow-up do they use, and when? What are their quote-to-lead ratios? Do they use automation technologies to help with these efforts? Which drip campaigns or Sequential Marketing Program do they use?

Experimenting with “champion-challenger” marketing can also be helpful. Start a direct-mail campaign, then follow it with another. Use different approaches and messaging for each, and track results. Keep trying until you find the most successful format, then use it with your existing customers to help retain them and even bring them back for more of your business.

Stay the course

As you step up your outreach efforts, remember this: marketing is a long-term proposition that requires tenacity and keeping your eye on the prize. And, again, successful marketing happens in many places, not just on one social-media venue or in one format such as emails or calls. According to the concept known as “marketing synergy,” the more messages or channels you use, the more effectively you will reach and gain customers. In marketing, persistence really does pay off.

But what if you are already stretched in terms of time and resources? Successful marketing takes many hours’ planning, executing, analyzing, and fine-tuning, and hiring a skilled person to do the work for you can be cost-prohibitive. There is another way, however: technology.

Automate your process

Today’s marketing automation software can do much of the work of reaching out to and following up with leads, and perform these tasks in a personalized manner. For instance, what if you wanted to send an advertisement in the mail, then follow up with a call and an email message? This is a great marketing-synergy strategy: three points of contact plus three different channels equals an exponentially higher chance of connecting.

Marketing automation could do so much of this work on your behalf. It could even follow up—automatically—with subsequent activities to expand your marketing reach even farther, leaving you free to help customers with their insurance problems and solutions.

Insurance agents, of course, have their own specialized needs, and no one-size-fits-all marketing software or service is going to meet them. Imprezzio has designed its AgentsAlly Marketing Center especially for the insurance industry, with the right tools plus training and support to get your marketing campaigns up and running with little oversight from you.

Go beyond CRM

And if you think your carrier has your needs covered with existing Agency Management Systems (AMS) or carrier-supplied Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools? Think again. These systems, which track sales efforts, are predominantly intended for use as scheduling reminders—and they require you to do a lot of manual input. Plus, they lack the capabilities to automate sales and marketing at the scale insurance agents require, and usually have not been licensed for marketing use.

With AgentsAlly, Imprezzio provides a complete suite of capabilities and tools designed especially for insurance agents. Marketing automation; analysis and planning; sales performance trackers and management tools: Imprezzio does it all. And AgentsAlly is designed to wrap around your carrier’s existing AMS or CRM software for a seamless experience not just on your customer’s end, but on yours, as well.

Isn’t it time you joined the elites? Call Imprezzio today and find out how you can save time and money while growing your agency fast.

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