Sales Enablement

Agents Ally enables advisors to focus on achieving their sales goals. Unlike traditional CRM, Agents Ally is a powerful prospecting tool driving revenue-generating activities.

Agents Ally

Software that advisors love to use.


Focus advisors on activities that achieve their goals.

SMPL Engine

Smart marketing with artificial intelligence

Agents Ally

Marketing Center

Enable your agency to develop unique competitive advantage. Create sales leads and opportunities within the Lead Marketplace. From commercial and personal data sources to data mining and targeted lists, the Lead Marketplace ensures numerous great opportunities for sellers.

Lead sources with customizable queries
Leads delivered to the producer desktop
Ensures compliance and consistent branding
Content is delivered through Agents Ally

Agents Ally

Marketing Workflows

Workflows that can be customized and adapted based on prospect’s situation in the sales funnel enables the right message, with the right channel, at the right time. Whether it is carrier supplied content or agency created, advisors can pick the content that resonates with customers and their contacts.

Agents Ally

Producer Desktop

Agents Ally’s Producer Desktop is a tool that agents want to use. An intuitive user interface provides productivity insights, clear goals and opportunity tracking leading to business growth.

Delivery of new leads
Goals & Games for extra motivation
Performance of sellers
ROI of lead sources

Agents Ally

Agency Insights

Exceed your goals with insight. Agency Insights provides real-time visibility to agency performance. Performance of sellers, lead sources and marketing content provides agents the ability to drive to success in the most cost effective way possible.

Agents Ally

Carrier Insights

Illuminate your territories, regions and enterprise functions. Carrier Insights provides business intelligence to better support your network of agencies. Get visibility to opportunities, lead performance and marketing content, fostering an environment of success.

Flexible hierarchical data views
Visibility to performance of agencies, leads and marketing
Filter, distribute and route leads
Customizable alerts and routing methods


Turn opportunities into customer engagement

Increase your speed to lead. LeadFlow is a lead delivery and follow-up system that turns opportunities into customer engagement. Ensure that your teams’ efforts are on high-quality leads and route them to optimal advisors, empowering them with integrated phone capabilities.

SMPL Engine

Turn data into action

Unlike generic machine learning systems, SMPL is purpose built to solve the unique challenges facing the insurance and financial industries. We partner with you to understand your data and create valuable action.

SMPL is available as a stand-alone service or as an integration into Agents Ally.

Enable optimized 1:1 customer journeys
Wide range of enriching data sources


Grow revenue with real-time forecasting, goals and lead generation for best performing agencies.

Imprezzio’s independent carrier ecosystem enables end to end channel insight with independent agents. For every lead provided by a carrier to an agent, the quote/sold outcomes are transparent.

Imprezzio’s system builds out the accountability necessary to enable co-marketing programs. Carriers can understand whether the leads they deliver are quoted or not quoted and competitively sold. Agency level likelihood to quote and close optimizes the distribution of leads.


Focus agents on activities that achieve their sales goals.

Agents receive access to a leading-edge software platform for omni-channel marketing and communications. Active users currently outperform their non-user peers by up to 70%, a testament to the best practices surrounding Agents Ally.

Independent agents are now able to compete with direct carriers with prospecting and marketing tools that exceed the competition.


Amplify the functionality of CRM systems without disrupting existing technology.

Imprezzio understands the fundamental challenges most insurance carriers, agents, and advisors face. Our technology stack is not built around a generic set of capabilities but around solving industry specific issues concerning insurance.

Our software maximizes insurance companies’ time and effectiveness to drive profitable growth. Our team has effectively executed hundreds of enterprise integrations, including quoting, policy administrations and marketing. We have designed our system to contain service level APIs that can be integrated into your applications. Start with a narrow business value and expand with Imprezzio.

We support on-site customer implementations as well as hybrid implementations using our data center. We meet the highest level of security standards in the industry.


Million Marketing Programs Started in 2017


Million Leads Processed in 2017


Million Email tasks created in 2017

of US Captive Agencies use Agents Ally

Extend & Enhance

Agents Ally is a sophisticated sales enablement communications software that extends and enhance the functionality of legacy systems and existing CRM tools. Create sales opportunities for agencies and advisors with optimized automated marketing. Enable advisors to focus on sales goals, opportunities and revenue-generating activities. Optimize your overall marketing ROI while identifying growth opportunities and evaluating team’s performance.

An Ally for Advisors

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