Many times, I am approached by carriers and agencies asking me the proverbial question, “how do I get my agencies or my staff member to sell more?” If the answer to this question is easy, it’s probably the wrong one.
I typically respond with, increased activity will lead to increased quotes, which will lead to increased sales. The key is understanding how to increase the activity with your current agencies.

Some consider adding staff, which is a large unknown investment. A new hire may cost you time and energy without adding any additional value, and by the time they are trained another staff member quits. I know some of you are smiling right now, because it does happen.

So how do we increase activity without the investment of adding staff? Consider your current technology. Look to see if you have automation embedded within the applications you currently operate. If you don’t have automation in place you may need to acquire it.

Automation allows you to leapfrog your competition, by exponentially increasing additional sales activity. Adding automated marketing capabilities to your carrier arsenal such as introductory emails, follow-up direct mail pieces, or even text messages is imperative. Long gone are the days that we should expect agencies to hand craft each email, mailer or text.

Today’s most successful agencies have made connecting with customers and prospects an automated process. Whether using AI to determine the next best action to take with a customer, or simply using automated marketing workflows, technology used to drive sales activity will increase agencies’ productive capacity.

Call me to chat through what the latest applications of marketing automation software are and how we can help you identify the automation experience in your organization.

By Warner Carrillo

Warner Carrillo has 15 years experience in insurance with a strong innovative mind seeing the story line through the data. He is currently the VP of Client Engagement with Imprezzio