More Business without Increasing Headcount

Your agency owners are a hardworking bunch, and they’re always looking for ways to drive more business. To do that, they need to find ways to develop relationships with an ever-growing number of prospects. One way to accomplish this would be to hire more producers, but the high cost of training and retaining a full-time employee means that the point of diminishing returns is reached rather quickly. Rather than adding people, agencies must look for ways to help their producers work more efficiently.

In my many conversations with agency owners, a concern that’s universally expressed is that producers spend so much time charting a course of action that their time for high-value activities, like closing business, is significantly decreased. It’s not thatthese producers are bad at managing their time,it’s just that setting themselves up to be productive is a long process.

Staying organized and on-task

Help your agencies reach their goals by providing them the tools that enable producers to better follow best practices – reaching out with the right message, on the right channel, at the right time.

Unlike older software, which was limited to creating static schedules for deployment of communication like email and direct mail, newer solutions are more flexible and easier to operate. Agents can quickly tailor a communication plan that takes each prospect’s needs into account, choosing from pre-written, brand approved content and deploying it in a way that responds to the actions taken by the recipient. I like to call this new breed of SMP a “workflow,” because the user interface used to create them often resemble flowcharts. Say, for example, that email #2 in the outgoing drip campaign wasn’t opened and the next step was a prompt to call the recipient, they might not be primed for a conversation. State-of-the-art software can detect that the email wasn’t opened and, instead, continue with another email or a piece of direct mail.

The second piece of the puzzle is the automatic creation of task lists. Even if outgoing communication is happening automatically, combing through a list to decide who to call is still a time-consuming endeavor. Innovative solutions can analyze interactions with each customer on an agent’s list and recommend tasks for each day — like who to call or who’s changing situation might warrant their addition to a cross-sell opportunity.

Ensuring adoption of best practices

If you were to provide tools that allow producers to work more efficiently, it would be nice to ensure that they’re being used. So, if you’re shopping for a new SFA solution, be sure that it includes rich reporting capabilities: Are producers following through on calls? Are regional goals being met? Is your marketing spend effective? Knowledge is power, and effective reporting allows you to quickly correct mistakes and reward productivity.

Let’s talk

When your producers are armed with tools that allow them to get more out of their day, and when you can verify that they’re being used correctly, you can guarantee that more time will be spent on activities that directly impact your bottom line.

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