Find Your Best Self

Join a vibrant, growing organization with opportunities to suit your professional skills. We are a team of professionals creating tools to improve productivity, increase profitability and enhance communication with customers. We encourage our employees to envision their own destiny. If you see an opportunity, make the most of it. If you see a problem, create the solution. If you have a great idea, take action and make it happen.


Our mission is to provide tremendous opportunities and security for our employees, our customers, and our communities by delivering the next generation of high-value business process software, rooted in deep domain expertise.

What is DaRK Capital?

Imprezzio is the flagship of DaRK Capital, a holding company of a family of technology organizations.

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Employees are our greatest asset. We are committed to working with individuals who want to be their best. From training and professional certifications, Imprezzio seeks to provide opportunities for our employees to improve professionally and personally.


Join a work environment that is collaborative, rewarding, challenging and fun. Our employees work at a fast-pace and know that adaptability and flexibility are qualities that are valued. In 2017, Imprezzio was voted one of the Best Places to Work in Spokane.


We are dedicated to our employees’ financial well-being and offer competitive pay. Top talent deserves fair compensation for their commitment and performance.


Imprezzio offers comprehensive health insurance, paid volunteer opportunities, and a generous PTO plan. Focusing on individuals’ wellness is high priority for us. We know that healthy, satisfied employees underscore the health of our company.


Our employees are encouraged to pioneer better products, processes and practices resulting in evolutionary solutions.


Individual and corporate fairness and honesty is paramount to our organization.


Imprezzio embraces change and leads the way to transformative growth for our customers.


Assertiveness and positivity that builds strong relationships with each other and our customers is crucial to our continued success.