How AI will clear the path to trusted advisor

Becoming a trusted advisor involves becoming a welcomed and timely source of information and advice, rather than just another interruption. To accomplish this, you need to anticipate your audiences’ needs and provide recommendations that meet their agenda, rather than simply achieving organizational marketing goals. AI technologies will help solve this problem.

As consumers, we have all had great experiences where it just felt right. Someone seemingly anticipated our needs, providing exactly what we needed exactly when we needed it. The challenge in the insurance world is the number of high-touch relationships with buyers and prospects we must maintain and understand.

Treat Every Interaction as a Conversation

Relevance is a basic part of conversation, and yet something that is diluted with so many marketing interactions. The strategy of saturating the audience with generic information or newsletters can be dangerous. The right to interrupt a consumer – regardless of how significant the message – is a precious one.

We often base email marketing performance on opens, bounces, and unsubscribe requests. We should consider building mind share and brand equity rather than eroding it. Abusing contacts with generic newsletters potentially degrades your capacity to earn the right to become a trusted advisor. When you become part of the noise, your message will be ignored even when potentially compelling. This can be further compounded by the degree of interruption – so be sure to choose the appropriate channel, providing the expected value of the message to the audience.

Establishing Relevance Through AI

Being relevant means understanding context, preference, and the events surrounding the individual. Human capacity for processing and remembering all these events at insurance scale is neither practical nor efficient. Fortunately, computers are very good at this. By integrating policy data, sales data, and a blend of private and publicly available customer information we create a stream of activity for your producers. This creates opportunities to connect with your audience when it matters to them most.

Competitive advantage comes from Agents having more meaningful relationships with a greater number of people.

Catch Me When I Care

Machine learning techniques can build disposition models of your audience from hundreds of variables. Combine this with deep understanding of the compelling events happening in people’s daily lives and you can continuously initiate targeted, timely and valid communications with your customers.

These AI models can alert activity scheduling systems to enable marketing automation – sending email, direct mail, or even schedule calls based on highest probability of success. Examples of such events might be the initiation of a claim, a policy price increase, achieving a birthday threshold, or the sale of a home.

Becoming a trusted advisor requires that you connect with your audience. AI could be your greatest ally in this endeavor, ultimately creating alignment between the offerings of our organizations and the needs of our customers.

By Sam Fleming

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