Imprezzio accelerates agency success by enabling agents to become trusted advisors to more people, providing insight to the behaviors that produce results.

Everyone has a CRM. Imprezzio’s AgentsAlly extends and enhances the effectiveness of your CRM.

The organizational hierarchy allows for drill down/roll up synchronization between corporate offices and individual agencies.The first step to growth is identifying your best opportunities. Our prospecting tool, not only provides leads to producers within seconds, but also scrubs leads and removes those that have little chance of being actionable.

In-book mining enables automated cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

A producer can import any list for analysis – prospects within that list can then be prioritized for marketing follow-up. Meaningful connections with customers happen when you contact the right people at the right time.

Our content library enables brand consistency creating proven and unified messaging.

Content is used as part of workflows that schedule outgoing relevant messaging over time. Whether it’s email, direct mail or a prompt for a phone call, producers take the appropriate action. Implementing this technology holds the potential for drastically increasing the efficiency of time spent working. Transparency allows producers to know exactly where they stand and corporate to identify the behaviors that produce results.

We offer software specifically built for insurance that wraps around an existing CRM.

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